February Favorites 2018

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Cozy. That’s the word I would use to describe my February. Not that it’s perfect, it’s actually been a pretty busy month but I love that – you know, when you do what you love all the time and you’re exhausted at the end but your heart is happy. Tired but full of love.

      1.     Paco Rabanne Sensual Body Lotion Olympea
I got this one in a gift set with the Paco Rabanne perfume. I use it as a hand cream in the morning; it’s not particularly nourishing, especially for dry hands, but I love using it instead of the perfume. I find it that perfume best works if you don’t have as much clothes on like you do in the winter months – the perfume stays trapped beneath layers of clothes, it doesn’t scatter around and transform in this gentle scent, but rather stays very ‘heavy’. I prefer using Olympea body lotion because it leaves a much gentler and light scent – works great if you rub it on your wrists and neck.

      2.     Bishop Briggs – Mercy
I just love the melancholy of this song. It goes great with watching snow fall and cover the ground as if to put it to sleep. She has a lovely voice, but it’s the instrumental music that makes her songs emotionally out of this world. Her poetry is perhaps a bit on the darker side, but she doesn’t deliver it in a sad way, if that makes sense, it’s just a…lovely melancholy of the snowfall. If you listen to the rhythm of the song closely it feels like a slow heartbeat, which is why it’s probably so calming.

     3.     Hand Sanitizer
Okay, this one is perhaps a bit silly, but hear me out; everyone around me is getting sick – at home, at work, on buses people cough and blow their noses and then they hold onto the railing with their bacteria and virus filled hands. This year I’ve been using hand sanitizer a lot more than previous years and so far so good. *knock on wood*

     4.     Call The Midwife
I don’t know why but I’m in love with this show for years. It’s a British show happening in the 50s, 60s in England. It tells the stories of the midwives and the mothers they help to deliver babies and it’s just so empowering. It creates stories that revolve around important political questions – vaccination, birth control, the effect of some drugs on the mothers and their babies, racism, poverty, religion…It just has so much life. Sister Monica Joan is my spirit animal – a nun fangirling over the first woman in space was one of my favorite moments in the show. It’s the perfect show to watch while cuddled up under a warm blanket with a hot cup of tea.

      5.     We Heart It
Last but not least, an image-based social network, WeHeart It. I’ve almost forgotten I had the account, but I’m so glad I remembered. This social network is so empowering, full of love and based on girls supporting girls – it’s a safe haven for all girls and women who wish to share their opinions without being attacked, it’s great for support and inspiration and it also has a lot of wonderful images. I find a lot of kindred spirits on there and I couldn’t be more proud to have such a lovely audience of strong women.

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