Overrated Products: Top 3 Worst Beauty Products of April 2018

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Ever tried a product everyone was so hyped about and it just ended up being really bad? Some products seem fine because they’re either from brands you trust, or they have great advertisement and reviews. But sometimes a product is overrated.

It’s not necessary these next products are actually bad for all skin types, they are just some products that didn’t work for mine. They advertised certain effects – and they did not deliver.

      1.     Chilean Rose Musk- Anti-ageing Stick For The Eye Area And Lips by BOTTEGA VERDE

The promised effects: “This is a practical soothing and nourishing stick that helps to reduce signs of ageing/…/ For those who want a younger look and smoother features.« (Source: Bottega Verde Natura Italiana)

I don’t know why I even bought this. I mean, the concept is interesting – basically a ‘balm’ for under eyes, to minimalize the dark circles and wrinkles. The applicator looks like a lip balm, it has vitamin E and musk rose oil and apparently is a ‘natural line’ of cosmetics, or so I’ve been told.

It’s not a good product. At least not for me.

It does nothing – it’s just as effective as smearing actual lip balm under your eyes. And maybe a lip balm would be more affective. The dark circles are still there, so are the wrinkles the only effect it makes – it makes your under eyes more greasy.

      2.     Elanosol Lip Balm With Propolis, Honey and Beeswax by MEDEX

The promised effects: “Protects, moisturizes, nourishes the lips, and gives a good feeling…” (Source: Medex.si)

I usually love Medex products, actually I love one of their face creams and collagen powder – because these products work, but Elanosol Lip Balm – not so much.

It’s just bad.

It doesn’t absorb into the lips at all, it just stays on top, like some weird cream. I can’t even call it a cream since a cream would actually absorb into the skin. It leaves the lips chapped, it offers no protection, and – maybe it’s just me, but I really dislike the propolis minty scent.

Medex is a fine company, but this product –yeesh.

      3.     NIVEA Q10 Plus C Anti-Wrinkle + Energy Night Cream

The promised effects: “Visibly decreases signs of fatigue, alleviates first wrinkles and fine lines, for fresh and energized looking skin…« (Source: Nivea.co.uk)

Again, a fine company – one bad product. I love the classics - like their hand and face moisturizing cream, but this one was a bust.

It only irritated my skin, which admittedly happens when you start using a new product, but this one just made my skin worse. The wrinkles were way more noticeable, it burnt (slightly) my skin, the vitamin C is supposed to give your skin a slight ‘glow’ – none of that happened.

However, it is Nivea, I’ll just use it as a hand cream. But it’s not going near my face again.

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