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If you’re a '90s kid from Slovenia, then these shows were definitely on your to-watch list. Back in the ‘olden’ days we didn’t have Netflix or HBO, but we did have POP TV and A Kanal. Our choice of shows was limited to the TV taste of editors from those two production houses. Not all of these shows were actually made in the '90s, but they were all shows airing in the 90’s on Slovenian television programs.

I loved this show as a kid. It’s about a German detective and his dog Rex (German Shepard) and together they solve crimes. Forget Jim Belushi and his K-9 series, nothing beats good old Rex stealing a baloney sandwich from one of his coworkers.

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Xena was a show about a woman with the same name who had great combat skills, which she learned from Ares, the god of war, himself. She wanted to redeem herself for her evil past by doing good deeds, helping people and traveling around the world with her friend Gabriele.

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This was my absolutely favorite show from the 90s. My mom was a fan of Hercules and thought I liked Xena more because I was a kid she thought I’d like Hercules – a guy that saves damsels in distress, more when I’m older because I’d find it ‘romantic’. Wow, was she wrong. I’d take a girl that can kick ass and save herself over a ‘Hercules’ any day. Xena was a lady that solved her own problems, plus, she had this cool weapon called the chakram. The show is a mix of historical events from different time periods, but the show itself is mostly hilarious and the time events should not be taken too seriously. I find that this was one of the best badass women series that showed how great TV stories can be with the lead character being a woman.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a show about a young woman with great abilities and a destiny to fight vampires. She was surrounded by a circle of loyal friends who became known as the ‘Scooby Gang’. The show also had a spinoff called Angel.

In second grade we had an assignment throughout the whole year – you had to write a story (a diary entry) of what you did over the weekend and present it to your teacher every Monday. I wrote about Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and described how cool she was when she staked vampires. The teacher was not impressed. But what can I say, even if I had Nickelodeon when I was 8 I’d still prefer to watch Buffy. Basically, the title sums up the story of the series.

This was a Slovenian show. It was funny back then, although I suspect we could find an abundance of sexist and homophobic jokes if we rewatched, but at the end of the day – everything is fair in love and war…and comedy.
This show revolved around the people working at a production house, each their own stereotype, the stories were ridiculous, but it was hella of a fun to watch.

This is the best of the Stargate shows, period. I mean – people going to other planets and researching different cultures?? It doesn’t get better than that! Stargates, wormholes, history, culture, comedy, Richard Dean Anderson as Colonel Jack O’Neill, Daniel Jackson – one of my favorite bookworms, Teal’c with his forever resting bitch face and Major Samantha Carter who should be the actual leader of the SG-1 team considering she was the most skilled for that position, but…The show definitely needed Jack O’Neill’s sarcasm.

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The one with Richard Dean Anderson, of course. I don’t care much for the reboot. A secret agent that gets out of trouble building devices out of things he has around him. Impossible to capture. I always took notes, writing down all the ingredients for an improvised smoke bomb or a homemade key.
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Just to clear up one stereotype – a lot of people wrote this show was loved by boys – well, yes, but it was also love by girls. When girls, when I was a girl and I watched MacGyver or Indiana Jones, or any of the movies with men as the lead (which were, let’s face it, all of them) I never thought to myself ‘uuu, I want to be married to Indiana Jones, or I want to be MacGyver’s girlfriend’ – I wanted to be the secret agent or archeologist, I wanted to be and all girls wants to be – the lead role, not the side one.

Allo Allo was a comedy series revolving around Rene Artois who runs a small café where you can run into French resistance fighters such as Michelle Dubois who says things only once, German army officers and gestapo, overly attached waitresses, an old lady that sleeps on the top of a spy radio and a self-proclaimed singer who makes the visitors stuff cheese in their ears. Honestly, I really can’t pick my favorite character from this show since they were all amazing in their own way, but perhaps loud Helga and Lieutenant Gruber with his little tank take the cake.

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Mr. Bean was a British comedy series revolving around awkward, yet weirdly adorable, Mr. Bean. He talked very little and solved problems almost child-like, but the comedy itself was actually very well thought through.
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This was a comedy series preferred by most Slovenian children when they didn’t know how to read yet (subtitles didn’t agree with younger children) because the comedy was based on mimic and sounds rather than on actual talking – no language barrier. Rowan Atkinson is to this day one of my favorite British comedians because his comedy is actually ‘smart’ and well thought through.

9. ALF
Alf was a television series about an alien who once landed on a home of an American family. For some reason they took him in, hiding him from people because he was, well, alien. He loved screwing around with man-made devices, which usually led to some sort of accident.
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Alf, a cat eating alien from the planet Melmac was just fun to watch, even for a cat lover. I still remember that one episode I had on tape about Alf making dinner for the family and the entire kitchen exploded – still makes me laugh.

Charmed was an american show, following the trio of sisters, the most powerful witches of all time who fought demons and warlocks. Although the show was primarily supernatural, the stories also revolved around the characters personal lives.
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Charmed was the next best thing after Practical Magic and I love watching it mostly because of the bond the sisters had and their friendship. 

I didn’t watch all the shows that aired, I was either too young and don’t remember the content, or the intro music freaked me out – X Files, but there are a few that definitely deserve to be at least mentioned: Honorable mentions – ER, Der Bergdoktor, X Files, Blackadder, Only Fools And Horses, Knight Rider, Baywatch, Columbo and Murder She Wrote.

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