4 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

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Moms. What are they good for? Well, first they carry you in their body and because of that get bigger feet, stretch marks, bladder control issues, wider hips, plus they have to push a watermelon-size thing through a hole big as a grape; basically any woman that goes through a pregnancy is a true warrior and the 'stronger' sex in my book. They take care of us when we are sick, make us snacks when we are hungry, drive us to school, tell us how stupid boys are when we get our heart broken.

Although they can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, they get to have a whole day when we acknowledge them all over the world (different days in different countries for some reason). And let’s not get in that whole bullshit that came with ‘women’s day’ this year - how every day is a day when women are respected and celebrated (a whole whiny thing coming mostly from women how there shouldn’t be a Women’s Day), to that I say; duuuh! Obviously women (and men) are respected and loved every day of the year, but there are special days when the whole world celebrates either women, men, mothers, dads…we remember those who came before us, honor those who are here with us, and wish the best to those who will come after us… So what the hell crawled up your butt this year?

You know, often I get mad when I read articles stereotyping millennials, and what ‘snowflakes’ we’ve become, but honestly – things like the previously mentioned event – make me think they are (at least partially) right.

But what to get to women who pushed us out of their vaginas? Or got their bellies cut to get us out? Or adopted us?

      1.     Nostalgic: Get Your Mom Something From Her Past
I’m sure your mom told you which candy was her favorite (maybe Bajadera from Kraš, which are delicious chocolates with hazelnut cream) when she was a kid or maybe she talked about an old movie that she loved…What better gift than one from her childhood?

      2.     Useful: Get Her Something She Can Use
How about a water bottle? New Look has adorable and cheap ones, you can get yours at Asos. Or a coffee cup? She can take her water bottle to a gym, or if she goes for a walk, I’m sure she could use a coffee cup at work to keep her coffee warm for longer. They have great coffee cups at Okay.si, they're Eco-friendly, very light, durable (I have mine for a year now), way better than ceramic versions - you burn your hands with those ones, plus, these ecoffee cups are cute.

                                           New Look Floral Print Large Water Bottle               Ecoffee Cup Exclusive Designer Line Seaweed

3.     Tasty: Get Her Something Delicious
You can go for the classic chocolate, or you can buy her a fancy tea or coffee. Maybe even hot chocolate if she has a sweet tooth? I found a lot of cute teas and coffees at Slovenia's online shops like Okay.si and 1001 dar.

      4.     Skincare: Get Her Something To Spoil Herself
Get her a super-rich face mask or a rejuvenating oil for her skin (Afrodita brand, a Slovenian brand has great stuff for skincare, especially Ma3genix Rejuvenating Concentrate). Just don’t mention that it’s for her wrinkles, say something like – it’s for a ‘better’ looking skin.

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