Why, As a Slovenian, I'm Not Proud of Melania Trump

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It appears like the entire Slovenia is screaming at me about Melania, and what a great woman she is, and how much she has done for our country.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not hating on Melania. But I don’t love her either. I’m indifferent of her.

What should I be proud of, exactly? What does she even do? And I mean – what did she do before becoming the first lady (not like that is a job, basically it’s an involuntary non-paid position)? What did she stand for? What does she stand for?

I know that now she supposedly stands against cyber bullying, but that feels so forced – like someone came to her right after Trump was elected, and gave her a list of things she could speak for, and she just randomly chose cyber bullying. She really doesn’t feel invested in it, but you can’t blame her – she’s not a politician (although, neither is her husband and just look where he end up).

To me Melania is a really passive woman.

She sort of blends in, and the public loves her not because she says clever things but because she says nothing at all – can’t hate her for that. She seems quiet and submissive, which is sadly still some pathetic standard for women to be, well, women.

Every American president has a known phrase or a quote, and her husband will be forever known as the president who uttered ‘Grab them by the pussy’. And Melania did nothing about that, she didn’t even punish him for it. She apologized for him and said he apologized to her – really, how many people actually believed that bullshit? He plainly disrespected all women all the time, he was disrespectful to their relationship, and yet, she did nothing. She does nothing.

I guess I can’t blame her for her taste in men, hell, most of us date a douchebag or two in our lifetimes, but we try not to marry them. She married Donald Trump, why the hell would that count as something to be proud of?

I don’t care that she supposedly made Slovenia a little more recognizable to the rest of the world (seriously, ask most Americans where Slovenia is and I guarantee you they have no fucking idea we’re even a country), she married a misogynistic, racist, homophobic prick!

Marrying someone is not an achievement. It’s a life event, like birthdays and bar mitzvah.

Do you really want your daughters and sisters to look up to someone like Melania? She is not a role model, she is a decoration.

She is there to make Donald seem better, she is there to soften his image, she is there to sit quietly, read speeches others write for her, and play housewife in the White house when Ivanka’s too busy with other work.

Melania is not a ‘future is female’ kind of gal, sadly, she is quite a few steps back, back in the time when women couldn’t vote or have a voice. Honestly, I don’t even think she cares if women lose their rights, which is so frustrating in today’s America where a bunch of old men decide about female reproductive rights; and she says nothing.

She has a voice and she has a power, yet she does nothing with it; not as a woman, not as a wife, not as an immigrant, not as a mother.

And what makes it even sadder for me, personally, this kind of person is my fellow female Slovenian.

There has been a lot of debate in the American media about how Melania is surely so obedient and passive because she was raised in Slovenia, some backwards country where women are still subordinate to men.

World, let me educate you on this topic – hell no, we are not that kind of women. In fact, our country was recognized, a few years back, as the country where women are treated most equally in the world. I’m not saying things are perfect, because they’re not, but we’re definitely not that ‘female’ image Melania shows to the public.

Slovenian women are strong, beautiful, smart, and tough;

Tina Maze, a great alpine ski racer, won two gold medals and two silver ones at Winter Olympics, she is one of six female racers who won in all five World Cup disciplines, and one of three to do it in a single season, and that’s just a few of her achievements. When one of the ski committees questioned her choice of underwear, she just wrote ‘Not Your Business’ on her sports bra and showed it to the camera.

Petra Majdič, a heroic cross-country skier, won twenty-four World Cup races, she is the second most successful sprinter in FIS Cross Country World Cup history, and she is the fourth most successful World Cup competitor of all time. Not to mention her spectacular fight for her bronze Olympic medal back in 2010 – Petra had a nasty fall on one of the tracks, but she decided to continue the race for Olympic medal regardless of the horrific pain, and she won the bronze Olympic medal! After she came to the finish line she collapsed, but my oh my, that’s some Slovenian fighting spirit right there!

Urška Žolnir, a Slovenian judoka, the first Slovenian female Olympic gold winner, which she won in 2012, and she also won a bronze one back in 2004.

Iza Login started Outfit7 (with her husband Samo), which developed the popular game and franchise Talking Tom and Friends, she is the most successful business woman in Slovenia, and one of the most successful in the world.

Benka Pulko, the first woman to ride motorcycle solo across Saudi Arabia, has a Guiness World Record for the longest solo motorcycle ride ever undertaken by a woman, she is also the first female motorcyclist to reach Antarctica.

Jana Kolar is the first Slovenian executive director of CERIC-ERIC, Central European Research Infrastructure Consortium.

Ana Roš, who was featured in Netflix documentary Chef’s Table, was named the World’s Best Female Chef for 2017.

Angela Vode, a feminist author and human rights activist who publicly criticized Hitler-Stalin Pact, survived a Nazi concentration camp, and was later arrested by Yugoslav authorities and imprisoned. She went through a lot in her lifetime, and she should be more recognized in Slovenian public.

Katarina Čas, a Slovenian actress, acted alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street, Al Pacino in Danny Collins and John Michael McDonagh in The Guard.

These are just some of the amazing Slovenian women who are anything but passive. These are the Slovenian women your daughters should look up to.

These are the Slovenian women I am proud of.

Sure, Melania dresses herself in pretty outfits, and she hasn’t said anything that would be anti-women, but she also didn’t show any initiative for us. For herself. I don’t hate her, but I definitely don’t respect her, either.

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