How To Cope With Anxiety: 7 Ways To Tame Your Mind

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Ever had a day when you’re feeling down, unexplainable sick-like, but you’re not actually physically sick, you just feel wrong? You can’t get comfortable no matter what, you don’t really feel hungry but you still eat, you’re tired but you can’t sleep? You have so many things to do, yet you do nothing, and the long to-do list keeps popping in the back of your mind?

There are many different it levels of anxiety, and this is just one of them.

Of course, I’m no expert on the topic, all I have to say about it I read in articles and books.

I used to call it ‘overthinking’. I thought everybody does it, and they do, but people who are anxious do it more often and more intensely. There will be people in your life who will make you feel like shit about it, make you feel bad about yourself just because you don’t think or process information the same way they do.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from people like that.

My friend gave me this great advice; if you have anxiety, and you’re having a bad day (or week), pretend you’re a werewolf.

One of the main issues when you have an emotional situation like anxiety is – you’re feeling trapped in that feeling, it’s almost claustrophobic, and you keep thinking you should do something to get yourself out of that state, that you’re not doing enough to help yourself, you think you’re weak and you should control your emotional state at all times.

This is where the werewolf analogy comes in; a werewolf has no choice but to turn from a human to a wolf once a month. They can’t control it, all they can do is let the ‘emotional’ state in, feel it, and let it pass.

The same goes for anxiety and other disorders; you can’t control them and you’re not at fault for it. However, we can ease the process of anxious feelings, even with little things.

Let yourself feel the emotional state you’re in. If you’re having a bad day and you just don’t feel like getting out of bed, then don’t get out of bed. Acknowledge what you’re feeling, and don’t think of it as a negative emotion because there’s no such thing, there’s just emotions.

      2.     WRITE A TO DO LIST
A lot of time we feel overwhelmed by many things we have to do, and sometimes a bunch of little things feel like one big job. Nobody likes to go to sleep with a bunch of stuff on their mind, so what you can do to take some pressure off of yourself – you can do to do list of all things you’re going to check off of tomorrow. If we organize our thoughts on a piece of paper we’re less likely to start overthinking in the middle of the night.

      3.     MAKE YOUR BED
Sometimes getting out of bed helps. If you make your bed you may feel better since you’ve accomplished a task and ‘organized’ something in your life. It’s also a great way to start a day even if you’re not having anxious feelings. An organized environment can positively impact our mental state, so if you’re up for it – try cleaning your room/apartment, as well.

Sometimes it helps if we take a step back and look at our situation objectively. Pretend your friend is in the same situation and you’re giving him advice – what would you say to him, e. g. yourself?

The best way to make your thoughts shut up or at least quiet down is if we’re listening to something else. If you’re trying to quiet your mind during the day watch any movie you’d like, but if you’re trying to fall asleep – watch something you’ve already seen. Your brain will still be occupied enough to hush the pestering thoughts, but not enough to make you think or actually listen to the dialogue, in other words – your mind will hear the information, but won’t have to process them because it already knows them, which will act like a sort of a lullaby for your mind.

      6.     GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST
Sometimes our mind only feels scrambled, when in fact it is not – just a bunch of the same thoughts playing on a loop. Things can feel worse in our head. Try talking to your friend, tell them everything that bothers you, makes you feel anxious or stressed, and you will feel a bit of relief. If you don’t feel like talking to a friend, try writing it on a piece of paper; I find this to work amazing for me, since I sort of empty out my ‘emotional space’, and I feel lighter.

      7.     TURN OFF YOUR PHONE
Okay, maybe turning off your phone might make you feel even more anxious, in that case – try just setting it on mute. No beeping, no vibrating, no checking social media. Sometimes these kind of distractions only add up to our anxiety since we feel obligated to answer, which takes away from our energy. Focus only on yourself during the day.

These are just some things that help me cope on my anxiety-filled days. I know people write about a lot more ways to cope with anxiety, like – workout, have a cup of tea, take a nap, sleep more (which is a really bad advice – if we could actually sleep, we would), try one of those coloring books, but those just don’t work for me, personally. I need something that is loud enough to occupy my mind, and if I’m doing an activity in silence it only makes my overthinking worse and louder.

But, we’re all different, we respond to different things, and maybe a walk in the park would work for you.

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