Be Selfish: 5 Things To Do On Valentine's Day If You're Single

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Valentine’s day is all about love, and if you’re single – love the hell out of yourself today. Treat yourself. Spoil yourself. Buy yourself a gift just because. Make yourself a fancy lunch.

I was never really a fan of this holiday, probably because I have no good experiences with it, but if the whole world is lovey dovey, why not you? I mean, I like to treat myself all days of the year, but perhaps for you today can be an excuse to treat yourself a little more.

      1.     Buy Something Nice
Why not check out your local sales? Try and find one which is designed for your taste, and then buy yourself one thing. I suggest Missguided (click this link and you'll get 5, 60 euro off of your first purchase) or Asos, those online shops always have quality clothing. It can be something that you wanted for a really long time, but you thought was too expensive – spend a little more on yourself today, it’s a holiday! In Slovenia I suggest you check out 2nd chance sale in Hostel Tresor; they have great second hand designer clothes, scarfs, shoes, bags, sunglasses and more. You never know, you might just walk away with a Christian Dior scarf! You’re worth it.

      2.     Go to a Spa
My friend and I just took off one Sunday to lake Bled and booked a spa day in a luxury hotel. We spent the whole day relaxing on soft deckchairs, enjoying the beautiful view of the lake, drinking tea and lemon water. I occasionally moved to one of their Sauna’s and my friend took a swim in the ice-cold pool, for which I was too big of a chicken. After that, we got a ‘couple’s’ massage and had to wear paper tongs. Other than that, the massage was great.

We had lunch at this very nice Mexican restaurant near the lake, and then we decided to have desert at a really fancy and expensive restaurant Juliana. So worth it.

     3.     Digital Detox
We all know how all ‘in your face’ couples can be on this day, well, especially on this day. No, we don’t want to hear who got you what, and the least of all – we’re going to be physically sick if we see one more picture with goddamn hearts on it. So, why not just stay off social media this day? No Facebook, no Instagram, no Snapchat, don’t even check the local News or Newspaper. Turn off your phone, don’t let it ring, beep, or vibrate, enjoy a good book instead.

     4.     Spa on a Budget
Yeah, we don’t always have enough money to pamper ourselves in an actual spa, but how about a spa at home? Why don’t you buy yourself a bath bomb at Lush (or maybe a cheaper one at Muller), or perhaps a Lavender essential oil and put some drops into the bath. Make a bath to your liking, light some candles, maybe put on some music, and try a new face mask. Also, a glass of wine or a piece of tiramisu won’t hurt while you’re taking a bath.

      5.     Snack & Chill
Buy yourself a favorite snack, or make yourself something that you really like to eat, or order in and watch all Zac Efron movies (pass High School musicals). Or binge watch Call the Midwife, Broad City, or any of your preferred series.

Should you do something nice for others on this day? Nah. The fact that you even thought of that probably means you’re constantly doing something for others. And sometimes we try and give others the love (in the form of gestures) that we want to receive. Trust me, just because you’ll give someone a card, that doesn’t mean they’ll think of you. Sometimes we’re so starving for that attention, we’ll do silly little gestures like that. To that I say – stop.

You who keeps giving love, take a step back, and see if you’ll receive it. If not from anyone else, then definitely from yourself. Be selfish, keep your love to yourself until someone gives you some of theirs.

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