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A Review of La Belle Sauvage (The Book of Dust) by Philip Pullman: Stepping Into an Old House I Used To Call Home

Philip Pullman, the god behind the world of His Dark Materials, a trilogy I held close to my heart as a child, has decided on another trilogy twenty-two years later. Like His Dark Materials, this trilogy will also embrace the life of Lyra Belacqua. La Belle Sauvage, roughly translated ‘the beautiful savage’ or ‘the wild beauty’ is volume one of the newest trilogy The Book of Dust, written by Philip Pullman. The name La Belle Sauvage also appears on a canoe of the main protagonist, and as he explains, he borrowed the name from his uncle’s inn sign which ‘was a picture of a beautiful lady, and she’d done something brave, but I don’t know what it was’. I’ve done some research of this inn, and it had appeared to be a real inn in London since as early as the 15th century. The origins of the name are unknown, one of the theories said it was named after Pocahontas, a Native American woman, who stayed at the inn when it was still named the ‘Bell Savage’.  I had to look a bit deeper into the ma…

Can a Friend Break Your Heart: 6 Ways To Spot a Fake Friend

What exactly is a heartbreak? Many would say it’s the feeling as if your heart was breaking after experiencing a loss or betrayal. So, can a friend break your heart? I would think so. Anyone who has ever touched our heart in any way, can also harm it. It is difficult to admit, probably even more difficult than a ‘normal’ heartbreak. At least when you get heartbroken by a lover, you know that’s the end, and there was always a possibility this person wouldn’t be in your life forever. But what about a friend? A friend is supposed to be a person that’s always there for you, a friend is someone that you can expect and keep in your life forever. So when they break your heart, in some cases, it makes it that much worse. I had people in my life, ‘friends’ I called them, that I believed would be in my life forever. However, that’s not the case. A few years ago I started walking my own path, working on myself, focusing on my passion, I even had some hefty downfalls and very depressing periods of m…