Review of Star Trek Discovery: Why Is A Raven Like A Writing Desk?

Let's talk about the new Star Trek Discovery.
And I warn you, these opinions come from someone who never saw the previous Star Trek Discovery, only watched the two new  Star Trek movies, had been just recently acquainted with ALL Star Wars movies, and is a forever fan of Stargate and captain Jack O'Neill. Yup, the only 'star' series I know about is Stargate.
So far, I've been watching two Sci-Fi shows; Dark Matter and Killjoys. I've been hoping they would improve, however, I must admit I've stopped watching the recent episodes. I think they had a good premise, but they both lacked in the development of a backstory. Dark Matter had a better plot-line, but Killjoys had better characters. Except for the Android, of course. She wins the character game. But that is just my opinion.
Any-who, back to Star Trek Discovery

I must say, anything that remotely touches the subject of travelling through space and meeting new civilisations, organisms, and planets picks my interest. This is the very reason I gave this series a chance.
Before its release I've heard a lot of negativity regarding the lead characters being female, or being of other race beside white. What did they call it? Oh yeah, 'forced cultural mixing', 'feminist agenda', etc. Guys, don't get your panties in a twist, I'm about to tell you something; women can be captains, African-Americans can be used for more than a side role, and yes, there can be more than one woman in charge. It's not called forced cultural mixing, or a feminist agenda, it's called the 21st century. Deal with it. 
Woah, glad I got that off my chest. Not that I don't love me some badass male leads like Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones or Sam Neill as dr. Grant in Jurrasic Park, but I also love me some Lara Croft (still loving Angelina, but giving a chance to Alicia Vikander. Please don't fail me.) and Lucy Lawless as Xena, the warrior princess. 
So, the first two episodes...I have to say, not my cup of tea. The visual effects were outstanding. Drop dead gorgeous. The story however, not so much. But, as any 'series enthusiast' I know that you've got to stick through the first few episodes, even if they're pretty crappy. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 
I did not care for the lead which is played by Sonequa Martin-Green (I didn't like her character of Sasha in The Walking Dead either, I hope that didn't affect my liking of this character), whose name is Michael. Really, Michael? I was hoping it's only pronounced Michael, and spelled something cool, like Miaca. Don't like the name Michael. The character itself however, I guess it didn't draw me in because I felt like all her 'emotional' connections and relationships were quite forced, especially the one with her captain. So, when she got her life sentence in the 2nd episode, I thought - meh. 
Okay, so I said, I'm going to give the 3rd episode a chance, you never know. And indeed, you never know. 

The 3rd episode was better than the first two, still not amazing, but way better. I particularly loved the scene where Michael (god I hate that name for her) was crawling through the vents to escape that weird creature/monster and kept on reciting to herself Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. I think that, for the first time, gave me some perspective of her personality, she became real for the first time, not just a character on the screen. Its showed a sort of depth to her and changed her from that pesky one-dimensional character. I loved that scene, and I hope to see more of them in the future.
Captain Gabriel Lorca. What can I say? Jason Isaacs was great both in Harry Potter and Peter Pan, he has a knack for playing devious characters. I'm looking forward to finding out what he's scheming. 
The atmosphere in Star Trek Discovery is quite dark and stuffy (duh, they're in outer-space. Horrible joke, I know. Just float me. #the100reference), as are the characters. Since they are all so dark and gloomy, I was happy to meet Cadet Tilly. I'm not usually the one who enjoys happy, preppy characters, however, Tilly was a breath of fresh air. She seems awesome, especially in contrast with other characters. I hope she doesn't die. 
The visual effects however....Did they spent all the budget on the first two episodes? Because that creature that supposedly did that grotesque massacre on the other ship was in no way terrifying. Or scary. Or even creepy. It looked like a hippo. With tentacles. All that build up after hiding in the shadows, and then puff, a space hippo. 
Last but not least, the long intro. So far, this has only worked in GOT. We sing with it, we let it build our expectations for the episode, we get pumped! Here however, I don't think it works. It is visually beautiful I admit, but way too long. That is just my personal opinion, and I'm sure some feel the opposite, you never know, perhaps I'll grow to like it.



INTEREST FACTOR (did the episode pull me in): 8/10

Favourite line:

When they spot the last Klingon on the abandoned ship: "Did he just shush you?"  

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